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BioNutrition Research is a nutrition and weight loss program without diets, chemical drugs, injections or exercise routines. Our motto is that nutrition is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life and with our continuous support and personalized eating plans we will help you lose weight by creating a personalized plan for your metabolism.
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Lose 20+ LBS. And Rejuvenates + 10 Years in Just 44 Days

Our nutrition and detoxification programs will be supervised on a daily basis by specialized obesity coaches.

No Diets

Our program does not use diets.

No Exercises

Our program does not involve exercise.

No Medications

Our program does not use chemical or hormonal drugs.

No injections

Free of injections or aesthetic treatments.

Discover the slim person inside of you!

We are constantly being bombarded in the media that the most effective way to lose weight is reducing the calorie intake and increasing physical activity, which can work temporarily or slow down your metabolism. But as soon as you stop exercising or dieting, the weight comes back and it's a battle that never ends. Through our technology we can identify which are the foods and nutrients that help you burn abnormal fat, balance your hormones and neurotransmitters, detoxify your cells and reset your metabolism, which will help you achieve effective and lasting results.
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Feel better, look better, feel healthier


We will help you lose more than 20 pounds in just 44 days, without strict diets, without drugs and without exercises.

feel younger

Feel +10 years younger by achieving a higher metabolism that will reduce the symptoms of aging.

regain vitality

Approach life with energy and excitement by eating the nutrients that your body needs.

Healthy Lifestyle

Learn about the foods and nutrients your body requires, creating healthy habits that will last forever.

Why Choose BioNutrition Research?

Our program uses cutting edge technology that provides amazing results without risking your health.

personalized programs and plans

All our programs are designed and adapted to each metabolism, creating personalized plans for each patient.

We use advance technology

Our technology allows us to determine what your body needs to lose weight.

1-on-1 Health Coaching

One of our coaches will accompany you throughout the process from the beginning until you reach the goal established daily.

Tracking & monitoring Results

Tracking allow us to be aware of the improvement, and to motivate you to achieve your goal.

Are you ready to Lose weight forever?

Find out how BioNutrition Research can help you reach your weight loss goals.
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The satisfaction of our clients is very important to us, we hope your experience with us exceeded your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it healthy to lose weight so fast?

When you lose weight fast on your own it is not, but using our experience and technology makes a difference since everything is based on your nutritional needs, on a correct energy and hormonal balance by restoring your metabolism and cleaning your cells. Where you will only lose abnormal fat, not muscle or water, which guarantees you a state of optimal health and well-being

Will I feel hungry during the program?

This is the most frequent fear that you must be feeling and it is natural since you have the memory of when you have previously dieted and you have felt hunger, weakness and fatigue. This does NOT happen in our Program, since our system helps you burn abnormal fat, which allows you to burn from 2,000 to 7,000 calories a day, causing a state of satiety and high energy, you will not feel hungry or cravings.

Is this a diet?

We are not a diet. We know diets do not work since they focus only on reducing calories and certain foods but not on knowing exactly what has led you to eat that way, what nutritional needs you have according to your metabolic and hormonal response.

Is exercise needed?

We have all been sold the idea that to lose weight you must exercise. In our Program you do not need to exercise during the detoxification process in which you can lose more than 20 Pounds in 44 days. This is due to the use of our Technology that makes your body burn only abnormal fat due to the effect of cellular detoxification and hormonal balance.

What are the advantages of doing the program at BioNutrition Research instead of surgery?

Many people think that a method to lose weight can be a Bariatric Surgery in which they would be thinking that the cause of Obesity would be in the stomach where studies reveal that more than 80% of patients who undergo bariatric surgery after a year they regain their weight without taking into account the risk of surgery and post-surgical trauma, people will have to have an Obese Brain. Liposuction is a method that was designed to eliminate very small areas of Fat and Model the Body, where by removing the Fat from certain areas the adipose cells do not regenerate in that area but they will hypertrophy (grow) in different parts of the body already that the body produces fat as a defense mechanism. At BioNutrition Florida based on Technology we will look for the cause why "YOUR BODY CANNOT BURN FAT", Eliminating all those Factors. Supervised everything by a Medical Professional, Expert in Obesity with more than 25 years of Experience and with 100% GUARANTEED RESULTS WITHOUT PUTTING YOUR HEALTH AT RISK

What happens if the Program does not work for me and I do not lose weight?

It is valid that you ask yourself this question since it is possible that you have made many attempts without obtaining results. The difference is that our Program is based on advanced Technology that allows us to develop a 100% CUSTOMIZED Program based on your Metabolic, Hormonal, and Nutritional needs. Our FORMULAS are personalized allowing you to eliminate all the factors associated with the process of burning FAT, Detoxification, (Elimination of Fungi, Bacteria, Parasites) eliminating the Inflammation Process (associated with pain), Balance of the Body PH taking the Body to a state of Alkalinization, correct hydration, reduction of Metabolic Age (Rejuvenation), readjusting the point of weight at the level of the Hypothalamus. Discovering the foods that your Metabolism Processes and lead to Abnormal Fat Burning. Using a Scientific Base provided by Quantum Medicine, which is based on Physical laws that are Exact. Therefore, we guarantee you in writing that if YOU carry out the simple steps of the Program, EVERYONE WITHOUT EXCEPTION WILL GET THEIR RESULTS!

After finishing the Program, can the Weight return?

Definitely NOT, if people follow the Program for 44 days, first of all they will be reestablishing a New Metabolism, restoring the good Nutritional and Hormonal balance, recovering the functioning of Neurotransmitters. Creating habits and Cellular Memory, which allows adopting it as a healthy lifestyle for the rest of Life.

For which people is the Program indicated?

The program is designed for young and older adults from 18 to 100 years old, not because the program has any contraindications or side effects since everything is 100% natural and organic, we do not use hormones, no injections, no chemical medications, no appetite suppressants, not diet foods. The age range is based on the person's commitment to restoring her health.

Does the Program cost a lot of money?

We are the most “economical program per pound lost without rebound effect”.
What price would you put on it to have a new metabolism? To rejuvenate 20 or more years. To be healthy for you and your family. To remove the risk of a heart attack and diseases such as diabetes, hypertension. To regain your self-esteem. Health is priceless! And here everything is guaranteed!

Can a person with Diabetes do the Program?

The answer is a resounding YES, in fact it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all people with Pre Diabetes, Diabetes 1 and 2 conditions since it normalizes glycemia (blood sugar) values.

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