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Rejuvenate +10 Years and LOSE + 20 Lbs. in 44 DAYS


Get 77% discount on your first consultation if you send your data right now.


BioNutrition Research

BioNutrition Research is a system that provides all the requirements that your body needs by discovering the foods and nutrients that help you burn abnormal fat, balance your hormones and neurotransmitters, detoxify your cells, restart your metabolism, decrease your metabolic age, rejuvenate up to more than 10 years.


BioNutrition Research

BioNutrition Research is a system that provides all the requirements that your body needs by discovering the foods and nutrients that help you burn abnormal fat, balance your hormones and neurotransmitters, detoxify your cells, restart your metabolism, decrease your metabolic age, rejuvenate up to more than 10 years.

Lose more than 20 LBS. And rejuvenates more than 10 years in just 44 short days.


No diets


No exercises


Without hormones


No Shakes


No Prepackaged Meals


No injections


Without chemical medications


100% Natural and Organic


Our Excellence Program is based on a Scientific Method Using State-of-the-art Technology.


His training is based on his Degree as Surgeon, with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from Atlantic University in the United States.

Obesity expert endorsed by the Pan American Health Organization and SCOPE – COBELAT, FLASSO.

Post Degree in Natural Medicine at the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology of Havana, Cuba.

International COACH with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) in the United States.


Member of the A.N.A. (American Nutritionist Association).

Member of FLASSO (Latin American Obesity Federation)

University Professor of the Scientific Research Unit

International Exhibitor of Medical Research Laboratories

Medical Representative of Hillroy Laboratories of Spain

Director of Health Television Programs

Nutrition Segment Collaborator for Television Channels in the United States as being; Univisión, Telemundo, América TV, Mega TV, Telemiami, Channel 17 WLRM.

Training in Educational Television Production by ABC Network of Washington, D.C. U.S.

Author of various Health Articles in Magazine and Newspapers.

Currently Medical Director at BioNutrition Research.

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Frequent questions

Is it healthy to lose weight so fast?

When you lose weight fast on your own it is not, but using our experience and technology makes a difference since everything is based on your nutritional needs, in a proper energy and hormonal balance by restoring your metabolism and cleaning your cells.

Where you will only lose abnormal fat, not muscle or water, which guarantees you a state of optimal health and well-being

Is this a diet?

We are not a diet. Diets we know do not work because they focus solely on reducing calories and certain foods but not knowing exactly what has led you to eat that way, what nutritional needs you have according to your metabolic and hormonal response.

Will I feel hungry during the program?

This is the most frequent fear you should be feeling and it is natural since you have the memory of when you have done diets before and you have felt hunger, weakness and fatigue.

This does NOT happen in our Program, since our system helps you burn abnormal fat, which means you can burn 2000 to 7000 calories a day, causing a state of satiety and a lot of energy, you will not feel hunger or cravings.

Do you need to exercise?

We have all been sold the idea that to lose weight you must exercise.

In our Program you do not need to exercise during the detoxification process in which you can lose more than 20 pounds in 44 days. This is due to the use of our Technology that causes your body to burn only abnormal fat due to the effect of cellular detoxification and hormonal balance.

After finishing the program can the weight be returned?

Definitely NO, if people follow the Program during the 44 days, they will first be reestablishing a New Metabolism by restoring good Nutritional and Hormone balance, recovering the functioning of Neurotransmitters. Creating habits and Cellular Memory, which allows it to be adopted as a healthy lifestyle for the rest of Life.

Does the Program cost a lot of money?







What happens if the Program does not work for me and does not lose weight?

Discovering the foods that your Metabolism Processes and take you to the Burning of Abnormal Fat. Using a Scientific Base provided by Quantum Medicine, which is based on Physical laws that are Exact.

Therefore, we guarantee you in writing that if YOU carry out the simple steps of the Program, EVERYONE WITHOUT EXCEPTION WILL GET THEIR RESULTS!

For what people is the program indicated?

The program is designed for young adults and adults over the age of 18 to 100 years, not because the program has a contraindicant or side effects since everything is 100% natural and organic, we do not use hormones, no injections, no chemical medications, no appetite suppressants, not diet meals.

The age range is based on the person’s commitment to restoring their health.

Can a person with Diabetes do the Program?

The answer is a ABSOLUTELY YES, in fact it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all People with Pre Diabetes, Diabetes 1 and 2 status since it normalizes the blood glucose levels.

What other diseases can be overcome with the Program?

Arterial Hypertension, Thyroid Disorders, Increase in Blood Fat (Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Fatty Liver, Obesity, Over Weight, Sleep Apnea, Gasoesophageal Reflux, Inflammatory Processes (Attic and Muscle Pain), Allergies, and many more.

Since the Program restores Hormone Operation, Hydration, Toxin Elimination, without any risk to health.

What advantages would it have when doing the program at BioNutrition Research instead of surgery?

Many people think that a method of losing weight can be a Bariatric Surgery in which they would be thinking that the cause of Obesity would be in the stomach where studies reveal that more than 80% of patients who undergo bariatric surgery After a year they recover the weight without having the risk of surgery and post-surgical trauma, people continue to have an Obese Brain.

Liposuction is a method that was designed to eliminate very small areas of fat and model the body, where by removing fat from certain areas fat cells do not regenerate in that area but if they hypertrophy (grow) in different parts of the body already that the body fat develops as a defense mechanism.

In BioNutrition Research, based on Technology, we will look for the reason why “YOUR BODY CANNOT BURN FAT”, eliminating all those Factors. Supervised all by a Medical Professional, Obesity Expert with over 25 years of experience and with 100% GUARANTEED RESULTS WITHOUT RISKING YOUR HEALTH

* The results may vary with each person depending on their metabolism.*

  • Yanet Sanchez AvatarYanet Sanchez

    Recibí un excelente trato por parte de la doctora Wendy Chinchilla, tiene amplio conocimiento de su trabajo,Bionutrition Florida está comprometido con sus pacientes al 100 x ciento y se nota. Gracias. !!! - 3/08/2019 

    Luis Vivenes AvatarLuis Vivenes

    Conocer a la Dra Wendy Chinchilla ha sido una enorme bendición en mi vida! Ha sido una persona súper especial y muy agradable, he retomado la confianza en mi gracias a sus palabras y consejos, es muy profesional en tema... read more - 8/08/2019 

    Jennifer Norona AvatarJennifer Norona

    Se los recomiendo , muy excelente el trato del personal especial el de la doctora muy amable y sobre todo te da mucha seguridad, Jennifer Norona - 11/08/2018 

  • Catherine Adarme AvatarCatherine Adarme

    El mejor programa de pérdida de peso, estoy muy feliz perdí 25 lbs en 44 dias y ya voy a la fase 4 del programa. aprendí a comer saludable, 0 antojos y mucha energía. Más feliz imposible! Muchas gracias Dra Chinchilla! - 6/08/2019 

    Annie Mendez AvatarAnnie Mendez

    Le doy gracias a Dios primeramente porque se que fue el quien me guió a la Dra Wendy y a su programa MARAVILLOSO... mi hija de tan sólo 18 años tenia una mala alimentación su metabolismo era un desastre,... read more - 7/08/2019 

    Luz Patricia Hernandez AvatarLuz Patricia Hernandez

    I have a really good experience with the program. I was able to loose 23 pounds in 44 days. That’s is amazing for me. I try so many diets before and nothing really work for me. The Dr. is amazing... read more - 2/26/2021 

  • George Rosa AvatarGeorge Rosa

    Una experiencia unica el haber conocido a la Dr Wendy Chinchilla. En solo 26 dias en el programa de BioNutricion, y con la direccion y el apoyo de la Dra he rebajado 25 libras, me eliminaron uno de mis medicamentos... read more - 6/08/2019 

    Carmen Perez AvatarCarmen Perez

    Me siento muy feliz con el resultado del Programa de Pérdida de Peso y con la atención de la Dra. Wendy Chinchilla. He perdido 9 libras en 15 días gracias a la Dra. Wendy Chinchilla. Se me quitaron los dolores... read more - 3/08/2019 

    liliana Bermudez Avatarliliana Bermudez

    Ha sido un éxito este programa. Estoy muy feliz por los resultados. Es muy bueno, te ayuda a rebajar y a mejorar tu salud. Para mi rebajar era muy dificil y con este programa lo he logrado. Buena atención... read more - 1/27/2021 

  • Brianda Guzman AvatarBrianda Guzman

    Antes de entrar al programa sufría de ovarios poliquistico y problema hormonal y sin esperanzas de tener un embarazo . Gracias con la ayuda de la Dra. Wendi Chinchilla. pude rebajar 30 libras ; se me regularizó todos... read more - 10/05/2019 

    Sandra Diaz AvatarSandra Diaz

    This is one of the best programs for weight loss... I recommend this to anyone who is serious about wanting to lose weight. - 2/27/2019 

    Liza Ferreira AvatarLiza Ferreira

    I'm excited to be in this program working with Wendy! I am on day 16 and I feel so great! I never thought I could be so disciplined and stick to a program the way I have with... read more - 2/27/2020 

  • Nyridia Mesa AvatarNyridia Mesa

    Más que Feliz mi peso estaba 174 pero ahora después de 60 días todo cambio Gracias a la Doctora Wendy estoy en 136 libras y he bajado 38 libras. Antes estuve con mi tensión alta y ahora mejoró a tal... read more - 6/23/2021 

    Hola mundo Soy Liam AvatarHola mundo Soy Liam

    Estoy súper feliz con mi experiencia en bionitrotion, con la Dra Wendy chinchilla quien me atendió de la mejor forma guiándome a perder satisfactoriamente 40 libras en tan solo 44 días, mi peso inicial era de 218 libras hoy en... read more - 11/19/2020 

    yamilex Rodriguez Avataryamilex Rodriguez

    this is the best!!! I highly recommend it???? - 6/08/2019 

  • Ivonne Munoz AvatarIvonne Munoz

    Excelentes y rápidos resultados. El tratamiento permite hacer cambios estructurales en los hábitos alimenticios y estilo de vida que se pueden mantener en el tiempo. - 9/27/2020 

    Liza Michelle Ferreira AvatarLiza Michelle Ferreira

    I'm excited to be in this program working with Wendy! I am on day 16 and I feel so great! I never thought I could be so disciplined and stick to a program the way I have with... read more - 3/05/2019 

    Madeline Duarte AvatarMadeline Duarte

    Estoy muy pero muy contenta de haber encontrado una nutricionista como Wendy Chinchilla. Antes de empezar el programa con ella mi autoestima era muy pobre, luego de haber empezado mi autoestima ha dado un cambio del cielo a la tierra,... read more - 8/08/2019 

  • Jacqueline Morales AvatarJacqueline Morales

    Hi everyone. This program is amazing!!! I'm so glad I was referred by a friend, who also did the program. I started with a weight of 240 lbs and an AC1 of 7.1. I was using medication for diabetes, blood... read more - 7/24/2020 

    sandra cardenas Avatarsandra cardenas

    They have been so amazing working with me throughout the process with my ups and downs. I have lost some weight for my own reasons and still continued to lose weight and re started the program. - 3/08/2019 

    Yulien Lopez AvatarYulien Lopez

    Mi experiencia con este programa de BioNutrition Research ha sido excelente. He bajado el peso deseado cada día. Les recomiendo a los interesados que vale la pena este esfuerzo .Estoy muy contento con mis resultados. Gracias a la doctora y... read more - 9/27/2020 

  • Maria Saint-Hilaire AvatarMaria Saint-Hilaire

    I've lost 21 lbs in a month! loving this program and how feeling better changes everything! I highly recommend Bio Nutrition and Dr Wendy.. She is an amazing human being and will really help you. If you commit to follow... read more - 10/10/2018 

    Linda Ramirez AvatarLinda Ramirez

    I’m very happy to have gone to BioNutrition and to have met Dr. Wendy Chinchilla, her husband and children they are a wonderful family. She has helped my self Esteem and weight loss so much. Her program is very encouraging... read more - 12/11/2019 

    Daniel estrada AvatarDaniel estrada

    Dr. Wendy’s program is amazing and awesome, I never did a diet in my life, and for me was not a diet, this program change completely my way of eating and teach me how to eat healthy food. Now I... read more - 10/24/2019 

  • Aracelis Rosario AvatarAracelis Rosario

    En lo personal estoy súper agradecida con la doctora yebo 28 día en el programa y he perdido 20 libra. Un excelente trato la recomiendo 100% la... read more - 6/08/2019 

    Sarai Figueroa AvatarSarai Figueroa

    Super experiencia !!!supero mis expectativas realmente puedes ver resultados; y te acompaña en todo el proceso estoy muy agradecida con la doctora Wendy. - 9/27/2020 

    ana m condis Avatarana m condis

    This is a great program because is personalized for each individual according to their needs because loosing weight is not the same for everyone and great service by the Dr. Wendy Chinchilla - 2/27/2019 

  • Elizabeth Berdecia AvatarElizabeth Berdecia

    El programa de nutrition de la Dra. Wendy Chinchilla ha sido una bendicion de Dios. Es un programa que funciona tal como ella lo garantiza. En 44 dias perdi 26 lbs. Cosa que nunca hubiera logrado por mi cuenta. Aun... read more - 12/27/2020 

    Sayonara Urdaneta AvatarSayonara Urdaneta

    Excelente atención ...súper bueno el tratamiento rebajas rápido cumpliendo todas las recomendaciones por parte de la Dra. rebaje 40 libras en 45 días. Recomendados 100% - 7/08/2019 

    Antonio Figueroa AvatarAntonio Figueroa

    He tenido una buena experiencia con este programa. Me ha ayudado mucho ya que era diabetico y gracias a Dios y a este programa ya no lo soy. Recomiendo el programa 100%. - 4/08/2019 

  • Alexandra Mendible AvatarAlexandra Mendible

    Excelente programa yo llegue a bajar 38 libras en 65 días es fácil y con una tutoría y asistencia excelente me encanta se los recomiendo la dra muy profesional - 11/27/2020 

    Enrique Calix AvatarEnrique Calix

    Excelente de verdad funciona, el mejor plan para bajar de peso y crear nuevos, mejores y mas saludables hábitos alimenticios.100% feliz.!!! - 9/18/2020 

    Sharon Maldonado AvatarSharon Maldonado

    If I could give 10 stars I would!! Dr. Wendy is genuine and committed to getting her patients health. It's not only about losing weight but changing our relationship with food and the mentality in which we view ourselves.... read more - 2/22/2019 

  • Leticia Rodriguez AvatarLeticia Rodriguez

    Dra. Wendy Chinchilla es una gran profesional. En mi primer mes en el programa logré perder 30 libras aún pasando por la gripa. Mi salud a mejorado muchisimo. Atención personalizada. Los recomiendo al 100% - 3/08/2019 

    Moeck Mifehees AvatarMoeck Mifehees

    I am a 62 year old woman, started the program with Dr. Wendy with a weight of 288 pounds and currently my weight is 218 lbs, I was another person, especially health, had many medical conditions including diabetes, pain in... read more - 4/09/2019 

    Yachi AvatarYachi

    Deciding to start my weight loss by choosing Dr. Wendy Chinchilla at Bionutrition was the best decision I have ever made. I saw the great results my friend was obtaining and all he was learning from her program that I... read more - 12/08/2018 

  • Mary Brengle AvatarMary Brengle

    I have learned so much from this program about healthy eating and taking better care of myself. The changes I have made will help me for the rest of my life. I’m so thankful for this journey! - 12/05/2019 

    Robbin Diaz AvatarRobbin Diaz

    I'm so happy with my results. I have to admit that I was very reluctant at first, but now after my program, I feel like a new man. I have lost 39 pounds, I no longer am taking my blood... read more - 11/22/2020 

    Esther Matos AvatarEsther Matos

    Me siento muy agradecida con el apoyo de la Dr. Wendy Chinchilla. Ella me ha transformado me siento una persona nueva . Desde que llegue a manos de ella en Bionutrition Florida. Ella es muy profesional; Cariñosa. Amable y... read more - 5/08/2019 

  • Maria Yabrudy AvatarMaria Yabrudy

    La Dra. Chinchilla es muy profesional e inspiradora. Desde el primer día del tratamiento se ven resultados y ella lo acompaña a uno paso a paso en el proceso. - 6/08/2019 

    Lima Mifehe AvatarLima Mifehe

    I am a 62 year old woman, started the program with Dr. Wendy with a weight of 288 pounds and currently my weight is 218 lbs, I was another person, especially health, had many medical conditions including diabetes, pain in... read more - 2/27/2020 

    alexia Kend Avataralexia Kend

    La doctora wendy es una exelente nutricionista me a ayudado por el momento a perder 31 libras, la recomiendo 100%, siempre esta ahi dandote el soporte que necesitas un amor de persona , siempre te da animos tan bien que... read more - 8/08/2019 

  • Jose Granati AvatarJose Granati

    Desde que comence el Programa empece a bajar de peso todos los dias y a mejorar mi salud en general.He perdido un total de 101 libras, mi diabetes esta controlada y todos mis niveles en sangre y presion arterial controlados... read more - 9/27/2020 

    Virginia Donastorg AvatarVirginia Donastorg

    La doctora chinchilla es súper excelente, estoy apenas en mis 20 días del programa, empecé con 177.4 libras y ahora estoy en 163.2 libras, ha Sido un cambio del cielo a la tierra, he estado sufriendo del corazón desde hace... read more - 10/02/2019 

    Raul A. Perez AvatarRaul A. Perez

    Throughout my life I have been in many weight loss programs. None of them have considered, the whole body system, the inside and the outside, BioNutrition Florida is the only one that does it. In 40 days, I loss 29... read more - 11/13/2019 

  • Ricardo Lopez AvatarRicardo Lopez

    Mi esposa empezó la dieta con la ayuda del programa y la supervision de la doctora y en verdad seven los logros estoy muy motivado para empezar el programa también porque si tu ves los resultados - 1/27/2021 

    Monica Vasquez AvatarMonica Vasquez

    Hola, Mi nombre es Monica, estoy muy contenta de haber tenido la oportunidad de conocer a la Dra. Chinchilla y de entrar a su programa. Este programa es genial!!! Pero lo que más me gusto es que todo es 100%... read more - 10/14/2019 

    Lizett Diaz AvatarLizett Diaz

    Ha sido un verdadero placer haber podido tener la oportunidad de seguir el programa de la Doctora Chinchilla, es exelente, muy profesional y definitivamente recomiendo el programa a quien de verdad quiera no solo verse espectacular pero sentirse con una... read more - 12/27/2020 


    EXCELENTE PROGRAMA! Perdí mucho más peso de lo que imaginé posible en tan poco tiempo, de una manera saludable y duradera .La recompensa de ver el exceso de peso desapareciendo casi todos los días, hace el programa muy llevadero, y... read more - 11/08/2019 

    Brenda Encarnación AvatarBrenda Encarnación

    Hola quiero agradecer enormemente a Dios primero por permitir encontrar a Dra Chinchilla mi vida a cambiado excelente profesional de la salud jamás pude bajar de peso por mi misma estoy muy satisfecha por el resultado la recomiendo al... read more - 9/17/2019 

    Marcela Pelaez AvatarMarcela Pelaez

    La Dra. Wendy Chinchilla es una excelente profesional y una persona maravillosa llena de energía positiva y amor. Desde que inicié mi programa con ella, siempre ha estado pendiente de mi proceso, de cada detalle y responde a mis dudas... read more - 12/12/2019 

  • Anaelsa Martinez AvatarAnaelsa Martinez

    fue Una experiencia única!!! Me encantó como de además de ayudarte a bajar de peso te motivan a seguir hacia adelante yno rendirte. La doctora es excelente. Los recomiendo 100%. - 11/18/2020 

    Laura Neri AvatarLaura Neri

    Muchas gracias Dra. Wendy Chinchilla la verdad que siempre es muy cordial y sobre todo muy profesional nunca imaginé que gracias a este programa de desintoxicación cambiaría mi vida para bien e vuelto a Disfrutar la Vida .... read more - 6/08/2019 

    Angie Cortes AvatarAngie Cortes

    100 % recomendado ! Perdí 30 lbs en 40 días !!!Hice muchos programas antes de conocer a la doctora Wendy y su programa y la verdad fue lo mejor que me pasó en la vida ! El único que me... read more - 12/07/2019 

  • Truki Rosado AvatarTruki Rosado

    Muy serio responsable y educativo me ayudo en todos los aspectos la Dra siempre al pendiente no está solo día a día contigo para ayudarte Perdí 35 lb en 43 días gracias - 12/04/2019 

    Leyshka Encarnacion AvatarLeyshka Encarnacion

    Amazing! Loving and caring nutritionist. Helped reach weight goal! - 12/04/2019 

    Antonio Urbiola Sanchez AvatarAntonio Urbiola Sanchez

    Fui a ver a la Doctora Wendy ya que observé que una compañera de la oficina bajó de peso.Yo tenía como unos 12 kilos arriba (26.5 libras), busqué bajarlos con ejercicio y bajarle a la comida como todos lo hacemos;... read more - 3/08/2019 

  • Raquel Fernandez AvatarRaquel Fernandez

    Wow wow wow is all I can say!! Best program I have ever completed with the best results!! I’m extremely impressed with how the doctor was so involved with my progress. She motivated me and was amazing every single day!!... read more - 10/27/2020 

    Carmela Calvo AvatarCarmela Calvo

    Excelente programa de bionutricion, mi esposo ha mejorado su salud y además está llegando a su peso ideal, tomaba meformin además usaba insulina ambas las dejo y ahora disfruta de una vida más saludable...todo el que desee mejorar no solos... read more - 9/27/2020 

    Juan Duarte AvatarJuan Duarte

    Excelente servicio, muy encantado con los resultados de mi esposa la cual empezó el programa hace un mes y a la fecha perdió 24 Libras. El programa alimenticio no es difícil de seguir y tampoco es caro, la alimentación es... read more - 8/08/2019 

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